OptiBiotix’s Health Plc – How Your Gut Bacteria May Be Thwarting Your Diet

OptiBiotix Health PLC

Forbes published an article which talks about a new study found in the journal Cell Host & Microbe and offers some clues as to why sometimes the body doesn’t seem to respond to changes in eating habits in the way it “should.” It finds that the effects of switching from a typical unhealthy American diet to a calorie-restricted plant-based diet are slowed because of the stubborn microbes that have proliferated during our prior (unhealthy) ways.

We spoke to Stephen OHara, OptiBiotix’s Health Plc CEO, who said: ‘This article reports new scientific understanding on factors influencing sustainable weight loss. The evidence suggests that people with a greater microbial diversity may be able to respond more quickly to dieting and are more able to sustain weight loss than those with less microbial diversity. People who have fast food diets tend to have a restricted microbial diversity and this study would suggest that loosing and sustaining weight loss may be more difficult in these groups. GoFigure® products containing SlimBiome®, OptiBiotix’s patented formulation of ingredients developed by experts to support weight loss, includes a prebiotic designed to enhance microbial diversity which this research suggests is likely to help people loose weight more quickly and sustain this weight loss. This creates the opportunity for easier and more sustainable weight loss than would be achieved with more traditional diets’.

OptiBiotix Health Plc (LON:OPTI) is a life sciences company operating in one of the most progressive areas of biotechnological research – the modulation of the human microbiome. Company products are designed to improve consumer health and wellbeing and support the prevention and management of chronic lifestyle disorders (hypercholesterolemia, obesity and diabetes). These markets have enormous potential driven by macro environmental factors, including an ageing population, rising medical costs, a public health policy shift towards disease prevention and consumer trends towards healthier lifestyles, better nutrition and self help. Opti is at the leading edge of this evolving field and with its validated technology platforms is well positioned to exploit increasing public, political and investor interest in this field.

You can read the forbes article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2016/12/31/how-your-gut-microbes-may-be-thwarting-your-diet/#d707cec6ce5b

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