ImmuPharma PLC: Q&A with Northland Capital Partners (LON:IMM)

Immupharma plc

Northland Capital Partners Head of Research Vadim Alexandre caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss ImmuPharma PLC (LON:IMM)


Q1: Now, we recently spoke about an AIM gem, ImmuPharma PLC, little did we know that they were about to release an update on their Phase III trials. Vadim, what were the highlights from that announcement?

A1: Yes, so it’s a good announcement, it gives us more granularity on the trial and everything is going quite well actually, the only small tweak is that they now expect the readout in Q1 2018 instead of basically end of 2017. This is minor delay, we’re talking about 2 months, it’s not really a delay it’s more to do with the structure of the trial, basically when you treat the last patient, there’s 200 patients recruited and now dosed as they announced today, you have to monitor them for 12 months after that initial dosing. So, I suspect they’ve probably dosed the last patient sometime earlier this month so technically that would push us into early 2018 but like I said it’s only a couple of months’ difference, it’s really insignificant.

More importantly though is that they’ve had no major side effects in the 200 patients that have been dosed and that’s a very big positive because what that means is essentially, there going to monitor them for 12 months obviously, you would expect if there’s going to be a major side effect it would occur early on, shortly after dosing. So, now that all 200 patients have been dosed and there are no major effects we could probably reliably say that the drug remains safe which is consistent with their Phase IIb data and all data to date. This is one of the benefits of Lupuzor over other treatments, that the downside, if you like, of other treatments is there are major side effects whereas Lupuzor so far has shown very little side effects so that’s another big positive from the results that were announced today. I guess the key point is now with even a higher degree of certainty we now know that all 200 patients have been dosed and we can expect them to complete monitoring in very early 2018 and then shortly thereafter we’ll expect a top line result for the trial.

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