Diurnal Group has plenty of potential upside (Analyst Interview)

Diurnal Group plc (LON:DNL) is the topic of conversation when Martin Hall, Analyst at Hardman a& Co joins DirectorsTalk. Martin explains why he has written two reports on the company recently, the significance of the PDUFA date, how important this approval is, forecasts, how Diurnal is to make money and other news to keep an eye out for.

Diurnal Group produces and distributes specialty pharmaceutical products. The Company offers drugs for congenital adrenal hyperplasia, insufficiency, hypothyroidism, and hypogonadism diseases.

Questions asked in this interview were:

Q1: You have been busy writing on Diurnal, with two reports published over the last month. Has a lot been going on at the company?

Q2: Can you explain exactly what a PDUFA date is?

Q3: How important is this approval?

Q4: Will it make a big difference to forecasts?

Q5: Whoever is right, that still sounds quite small; so how is Diurnal going to make money?

Q6: Is there more to go for with Diurnal?

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    Diurnal Group has plenty of potential upside (Analyst Interview)

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