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Apple iOS Users to get Electroneum Cloud Mining First

Electroneum (ETN) have provided the community with the following update:

There’s been quite a few reported issues with the existing mobile miner having problems.

Unfortunately we’ve taken the decision that instead of spending time tracking down the bug (we spent dozens of man hours on that), the time is better spent racing to finish off a number of projects including cloud mining which will roll out as a much better replacement to the existing system. The team are working hard on it and we’ve had three more coders join us – one started this week and two more come on for start of Jan.

We also have a streamlined user registration process, the final roll-out of our finished KYC system and two secret projects that you’ll have to wait for MWC in Barcelona in February to see.

Once cloud mining goes live it will make the mobile mining process much much fairer for the people in developing nations as they can still mine the same amount by only connecting to the internet 4 times per month as someone who is connected 24/7.

We are aiming to get cloud mining live as fast as possible. If we don’t get it live before Xmas it should be during January! Literally the whole dev team are on it (actually the blockchain guys are on the next blockchain release – but more on that later!).

Apple iOS Release
Don’t forget that the first place we are going to test cloud mining is on our 10,000 BETA testers of iOS (i.e. we’ll roll it out on Apple first). Once they’ve tested it for a week or so, we will launch the FULL APPLE APP!!! We’ve waited a LONG time for that!

When Good Bots go BAD…
Then, we’ll roll out an android update to give cloud mining to everyone. It is a huge improvement because of the fairness AND because it has some anti-bot technology that’s never been used before – which should help our network too, as we are plagued by robotic attempted fraud! We give away ETN for the community – and we fight bad bots every day. When computers aren’t plotting to take over the world (you know skynet is LOVING cryptos) they are usually found attempting to fake mine some ETN!

So I’m sorry if you are not mining what you expect, or if you are experiencing our app crashing while mining. We are working on not just a fix but a MASSIVE improvement, which will make our growth in the regions we are targeting hundreds of times stronger.

Please be patient, have a Cracking Christmas (if you celebrate it!) and you’ll be extremely pleased with cloud mining as a New Year gift!

I’ll do an end of year email to all users with an update, but I’d still like to wish everyone in the Electroneum community a wonderful weekend and fabulous lead up to the festive holidays.

All the best,
Founder, Electroneum.com

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