Actual Experience Verizon Contract Amendment & Oracle Announcements (Interview)

Actual Experience plc (LON:ACT) CEO Dave Page joins DirectorsTalk in this video interview to discuss a contract amendment with Verizon and an announcement about Oracle. Dave talks us through both expands on new offerings, customisation and a need to recruit more staff.

Questions we asked Dave in this interview were:

00.16 You’ve made a couple of announcements recently: a contract amendment with Verizon and an announcement about Oracle. Dave can you tell us a little about them? Perhaps we can start with Verizon?
01.20 This sounds like quite a big deal?
04.10 Before we get to Oracle, can you remind us, what these new offerings are?
06.45 Can you tell us little about Oracle?
08.07 Are you finding that you need to customize your solution for each partner?
08.54 Does progress with Oracle and Verizon and perhaps elsewhere mean you need to recruit more people now?

Actual Experience set its goal to significantly improve the performance of the digital world.

The Company enables its partners to optimise their customers’ digital ecosystem to increase productivity and enhance brand experiences through Human Experience Management.

Developed from 10 years of academic research and three patents, the Company’s Human Experience Management Services, reports on the human experience of a digital service. The Company’s service provides organisations with information on where the changes need to be made to ensure optimum levels of digital experience for customers and employees. This enables them to recover lost productivity, protect their brand reputation and make informed investment decisions.

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