N4 Pharma optimisation work shows the versatility of Nuvec (Interview)

N4 Pharma plc (LON:N4P) CEO Nigel Theobald joins DirectorsTalk to discuss its latest operational update. Nigel talks us through the key highlights, explains why demonstrating formulation stability is so important, the key milestones for the Covid-19 proof of concept programme and in vivo study with timeframes, why an orally administered vaccine has significantly greater challenges than a subcutaneous injection and other newsflow investors can expect in the rest of the year.

N4 Pharma is a specialist pharmaceutical company developing a novel delivery system for cancer and vaccine treatments using its unique silica nanoparticle delivery system called Nuvec®.

The business model is to partner with companies developing novel antigens for cancer and vaccine treatments to use Nuvec® as the delivery vehicle to get their antigen into cells to express the protein needed for the required immunity. As these products progress through pre clinical and clinical programs, N4 Pharma will seek to receive up front payments, milestone payments and ultimately royalty payments once products reach the market.

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N4 Pharma plc
N4 Pharma optimisation work shows the versatility of Nuvec (Interview)

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