N4 Pharma Nuvec showing fantastic results (Interview)

N4 Pharma plc (LON:N4P) CEO Nigel Theobald joins DirectorsTalk to discuss its operations update. Nigel explains what is involved in the Material Transfer Agreements that have been announced, whether these are exclusive, how the work done under the MTA and subsequent relationships may negate the need for the Company to do its own proof of concept work and what else investors can expect over the coming months.

N4 Pharma, are a specialist pharmaceutical company developing a novel silica nanoparticle delivery system for vaccines and therapeutics for licensing to pharmaceutical and biotech partners. This nanoparticle has the potential to help commercialise cancer immunotherapy drugs and improve the effectiveness of viral vaccines.

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N4 Pharma - Nigel Theobald
N4 Pharma Nuvec showing fantastic results (Interview)

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