INTERVIEW: Powerhouse Energy Group Plc To utilise Energy Cell from AFC

PowerHouse Energy Group plc (LON:PHE) has today announced that it has advised AFC Energy plc (LON:AFC) that it wishes to take delivery of a small scale fuel cell system it ordered in April 2014.

Executive Chairman Keith Allaun talks to DirectorsTalk about the delivery and utilisation of a small scale fuel cell system from AFC Energy Plc. Keith talks us through the background to this, the next steps in terms of development and explains more about the “Hydrogen Economy” and how they are placed to take advantage of this area.

As announced on 4 April 2014 the Company made a deposit payment to AFC at that time. Acceptance of delivery had been delayed by PowerHouse in order to complete the engineering, design, construction, and testing of the Company’s new G3-UHt ultra-high temperature gasification system. As announced on 24 February 2017, the G3-UHt demonstration unit is anticipated for delivery in late March to the Thornton Science Park, University of Chester, for re-commissioning and additional testing of feedstock capable of generating a rich stream of hydrogen. In addition to generating a hydrogen-rich stream of syngas, the Distributed Modular Gasification© G3-UHt system is capable of distributed waste elimination, and distributed power creation through standard, conventional means.

Shortly after re-commissioning, the Company anticipates commencement of the design and engineering work required to construct the first commercially operating 25 tonne per day system. PowerHouse is in active negotiations with Peel Environmental to site that first commercial unit at its Protos development, adjacent to the University of Chester Thornton Science Park, where the Company will be taking offices.

The anticipated delivery time for the AFC fuel cell is expected to be approximately eight months. Upon delivery of the fuel cell, PowerHouse anticipates having a high quality hydrogen stream (a component of the syngas produced) from the G3-UHt to successfully integrate with the fuel cell, to provide production of electrical power. Receipt of the fuel cell is contingent upon the G3-UHt unit being capable of producing a hydrogen stream compatible with the fuel cell. In accordance with the terms announced on 4 April 2014 the final payment for the system will be due to AFC within 90 days of the system’s delivery to the Thornton Science Park.

Keith Allaun, Executive Chairman of PowerHouse Energy Group plc, said, “AFC has demonstrated its commitment to developing the “Hydrogen Economy”, and we’ve seen tremendous progress on the part of both companies over the past two years. Now is the time, and the opportunity, to demonstrate our ability to use Distributed Modular Gasification© to deliver hydrogen where, and when, it’s needed. AFC’s recent successes in Germany and elsewhere reaffirm our decision to work closely with them in the future. The distributed hydrogen economy depends upon two things: the expansion of the fuel cell market, and a consistent ability to deliver inexpensive hydrogen. We are confident that our G3-UHt unit will do its part to drive this environmental imperative.”

Adam Bond, Chief Executive Officer of AFC Energy Plc, said, “Following a relationship that spans three years, we are very pleased that both AFC Energy and Powerhouse are now in a position to move forward with plans to demonstrate the technical integration of Powerhouse’s G3-UHt unit and AFC Energy’s small scale systems for the first time. The successful integration of these two technologies could create significant new markets in clean distributed power generation and continue to grow the increasing prominence of the hydrogen economy in the UK and overseas. We look forward to working with Powerhouse in delivering this exciting project.”

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PowerHouse Energy Group plc
INTERVIEW: Powerhouse Energy Group Plc To utilise Energy Cell from AFC

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