INTERVIEW: Live Company Group plc BRICKLIVE Events in Zoos and Safari Parks

Live Company Group plc (LON: LVCG), a leading live event and entertainment group, announced launching BRICKLIVE events in zoos. Joining Directorstalk to discuss the launch is David Ciclitira, Chairman of Live Company Group. David talks about the launch into zoos, why zoos and safari parks are an ideal market, the model of the activations and how they differ from existing BRICKLIVE events and further global opportunities.

The Company announced that Bright Bricks, which was recently acquired by the Group and is the world’s largest independent LEGO® brick building company, will be launching new displays of its signature shows of impressive, life-size LEGO® brick builds across additional zoos and safari parks, beginning later this month. The Bright Bricks shows will be incorporated within the Group’s BRICKLIVE TOURING brand extension.

Following the success of the debut exhibition of Bright Brick’s Great Brick Safari at Marwell Zoo in 2017, the Great Brick Safari will be at Twycross Zoo from 20 October 2018 to 7 January 2019. The show features over 70 amazing, LEGO® brick animals, including an African elephant, a Bengal tiger and a host of other wonderful creature creations.

Bright Bricks has contracted with eight additional zoos and parks, including a major zoo in each of Europe and the USA, with the aim to form further partnerships with similar venues worldwide, and the Group is already in discussions for a return to Marwell Zoo with a brand new tour.

David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman of Live Group Company plc, said: “We are pleased to be confirming the launch of our touring concept in zoos and parks in the US and Europe, which was one of our strategies for the recent acquisition of Bright Bricks. Combining the The Great Brick Safari package with the success of BRICKLIVE ANIMAL PARADISE enables BRICKLIVE TOURING to strengthen and in turn ensure the capacity for an additional range of concepts, strengthening the Group as a global children’s entertainment and education brand.”

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Live Company Group Plc
INTERVIEW: Live Company Group plc BRICKLIVE Events in Zoos and Safari Parks

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