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INTERVIEW: EQTEC Building a sustainable business

EQTEC plc (LON: EQT) CEO Ian Price joins DirectorsTalk to discuss an agreement with Phoenix and North Fork Community Development Council to acquire 19.99% ownership of North Fork Community Power. Ian explains the benefits this will bring, expands on a separate invoice to NFCP and talks us through the main targets for the remainder of 2019.

EQTEC’s business model involves sourcing and providing assistance in developing waste elimination projects to which it will ultimately sell its EQTEC Gasifier Technology (“EGT”) and O&M services. EGT enables project developers to construct waste elimination plants and recover electrical and thermal energy from the waste streams.

EQTEC sources projects that have a local supply of waste in need of elimination and conversion. It builds relationships and brings together the developers, the waste owners, the building contractors and funders. It then supplies the energy recovery technology and provides engineering services to the projects. Furthermore, EQTEC will provide O&M services to the operating projects generating recurring revenues over the life of the projects.