S-Ventures accelerate platform growth with Cremer agreement (VIDEO)

S-Ventures plc (AQSE:SVEN) Chief Executive Officer Scott Livingston talks to DirectorsTalk Interviews to discuss a number of agreements with Peter Cremer.

Scott explains the structure of the deal, who Peter Cremer Holdings are and what they will bring to the group, the sort of food Lizza’s produce and how that aligns with S-Ventures strategically and what we can expect from the company during the rest of the year.

S-Ventures is listed on UK AQUIS Exchange (Ticker Code “SVEN”). The Company seeks to identify investment opportunities in the health & wellness, organic food and wellbeing sectors within the UK and Europe, adding value by providing capital and expertise to the target companies. The experience and operational skills of the Board led by Scott Livingstone (CEO) are intended to act as an accelerator to smaller brands that have a strong foundation and platform but may lack the skills and capital.

The main objectives are to cross fertilise opportunities between the target companies and to scale the individual entities and look for exit opportunities and/or synergistic collaborations and through scaling we seek to create significant value for all stakeholders. Since listing on AQSE in September 2020, the Company has acquired significant interests in six companies.

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S-Ventures accelerate platform growth with Cremer agreement (VIDEO)

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