INTERVIEW: SatoshiPay Founder Meinhard Benn talks Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin

Blue Star Capital Plc (LON:BLU) recently invested in digital payment company SatoshiPay. The successful funding was lead by early supporter Jim Mellon. With blockchain technology having the potential to revolutionise the world economy DirectorsTalk caught up with SatoshiPay founder Meinhard Benn to find out more. Meinhard started programming from the age of 12, took to bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2011 and founded SatoshiPay in 2014 as a payment processing platform for tiny payments. While this interview provides a little insight into blockchain technology feel free to message Meinhard directly on twitter @meinharrd with any questions or follow the company @SatoshiPay.

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SatoshiPay believe its technology will provide a direct alternative to paywalls and subscriptions, currently adopted by some media companies, and should instead enable users to pay for consumption on a per article, per song or per download basis; or for content to be consumed and paid for on an incremental basis (payment per paragraph or minute of audio or video content). SatoshiPay works without software download or sign-up for the user (save for creation/top up of an online wallet). Payments are instant and the user’s wallet balance is available on each website that integrates the SatoshiPay software.

Blue Star Capital Plc is an investing company with a focus on technology and its applications within media and gaming. Blue Star’s investments include a holding in Disruptive Tech Limited, an investing company with five investments including a 38% holding in VNU Group LLC (“VNU”) a speciality online direct retailer of premium goods paid for through an instant credit facility and a holding in Nektan PL; an investment in Sthaler, an early stage identity and payments technology business which enables a consumer to identify themselves and pay using just their finger at retail points of sale.

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Blue Star Capital plc
INTERVIEW: SatoshiPay Founder Meinhard Benn talks Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin

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