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Blue Star Capital plc

INTERVIEW: Blue Star Capital Plc Believe SatoshiPay has high potential

Blue Star Capital Plc (LON:BLU) CEO Tony Fabrizi talks to DirectorsTalk about a conditional agreement to acquire 2,133 ordinary shares in the capital of SatoshiPay Ltd, which, would increase the Company’s holding in SatoshiPay to approximately 31.1 per cent. Tony explains why he is so keen to buy, plans for more shares and why they have granted over 110m warrants.


About Blue Star Capital Plc

Blue Star is an investing company with a on new technologies. Blue Star’s investments include a 19% holding in SatoshiPay, a nanopayment software and blockchain company; a holding in Disruptive Tech Limited, an investing company with five investments including a 38% holding in VNU Group LLC (“VNU”) a speciality online direct retailer of premium goods paid for through an instant credit facility and a holding in Nektan PL; and an investment in Sthaler, an early stage identity and payments technology business which enables a consumer to identify themselves and pay using just their finger at retail points of sale.

About SatoshiPay Ltd

SatoshiPay is headquartered in London with development led through its office in Berlin. Angel funding for SatoshiPay Ltd was supplied by Axel Springer Plug & Play and Henning Peters, seed funding was raised through publicly listed companies Coinsilium Group (ISDX:COIN) and FastForward Innovations (LON:FFWD). Development of SatoshiPay’s nanopayment product started in April 2015 and its beta version was released in February 2016. Find updated information at the company’s website https://satoshipay.io, its blog https://medium.com/@SatoshiPay and Twitter @SatoshiPay.

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