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PowerHouse Energy Group plc

INTERVIEW: Powerhouse Energy Group Plc G3-UHt Disruptive Technology

Powerhouse Energy Group Plc (LON:PHE) Executive Chairman Keith Allaun talks to DirectorsTalk about the successful production of Syngas over the weekend from its demonstration unit at Thornton Science Park. Keith explains what has been achieved, the work involved in reaching this milestone, what it means for Powerhouse, the next phase and what we can expect to see over the coming period from the company.

PowerHouse is the holding company of the G3-UHt Ultra High Temperature Gasification Waste-to-Energy system, and the creator of Distributed Modular Gasification©.

The Company is focused on technologies to enable energy recovery from municipal waste streams that would otherwise be directed to landfills and incinerators; or from renewable and alternative fuels such as biomass, tyres, and plastics to create syngas for power generation, high-quality hydrogen, or potentially reformed into liquid fuels for transportation. Distributed Modular Gasification© allows for easy, economical, deployment and scaling of an environmentally sound solution to the growing challenges of waste elimination, electricity demand, and distributed hydrogen production. Distributed Modular Gasification and DMG are copyrights of Powerhouse Energy Group plc.

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