INTERVIEW: Maestrano Group PLC goes live with multinational technology distributor

Maestrano Group PLC (LON: MNO), the open cloud business integration platform with cross-app data synchronization, announced today that it has now successfully gone live with a multinational, US headquartered, value-add technology distributor.

The Maestrano platform provides a branded white label marketplace platform, enabling products and services to be presented in online storefronts controlled and operated by the distributor’s resellers across Asia Pacific and Europe. Achieving this required a deep integration with the back-office ERP platform, a significant technical challenge and achievement.

DirectorsTalk caught up with Maestrano Deputy CEO to discuss today’s news:

The resellers will use the platform for product marketing, ordering and fulfilment, covering a wide range of products, applications and services. A progressive roll out of this service by region is now underway.

Stephane Ibos, CEO of Maestrano Group PLC, commented:

“In line with plans outlined at the time of our IPO earlier this year, and following a period of ongoing development, we are delighted this collaboration with a major multinational technology distributor is now live. As this contract scales up we expect it to lead to additional business opportunities that will further expand our partnership.”

Maestrano develops and deploys a patented cloud-based Platform as a Service that serves the needs of Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) and large Enterprises (such as major banks and global accounting firms) to access real time, automated management data efficiently on an integrated platform. This technology is called Master Data Management (MDM).

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