INTERVIEW: Hardide Plc Perfect timing for ‘Approved Supplier’ status

Hardide Plc (LON:HDD) CEO Philip Kirkham talks to DirectorsTalk about the gaining of ‘Approved Supplier’ status from Airbus. Philip explains for us the significance of this to the company and why Airbus and other aerospace manufacturers want to replace hard chrome plating.


Hardide plc develops, manufactures and applies advanced technology tungsten-carbide coatings to a wide range of engineering components. Its patented technology is unique in combining, in one material, a mix of toughness and resistance to abrasion, erosion and corrosion; together with the ability to coat accurately interior surfaces and complex geometries. The material is proven to offer dramatic improvements in component life, particularly when applied to components that operate in very aggressive environments. This results in cost savings through reduced downtime and increased operational efficiency. Hardide-A is a variant of the Company’s tungsten/tungsten carbide coating range developed specifically for the aerospace industry to replace hard chrome plating. Customers include leading companies operating in oil and gas exploration and production, valve and pump manufacturing, nuclear, precision engineering and aerospace industries.

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    Hardide Plc
    INTERVIEW: Hardide Plc Perfect timing for ‘Approved Supplier’ status

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