INTERVIEW: Frontier IP: Deal with a world leader in crop protection using Tarsis Material

Frontier IP Group Plc (LON:FIPP) CEO Neil Crabb talks to DirectorsTalk about the latest investment in Tarsis Technology. Neil explains what Tarsis technology is, the technology behind the material and the role that Frontier IP has in bringing these technologies to market.

Tarsis Technology specialises in developing metal-organic frameworks for the slower and more controlled delivery of active ingredients, such as agricultural chemicals. Metal-organic frameworks are particles combining organic and inorganic building blocks and are highly porous; they can adsorb a relatively large volume of an active ingredient compared to other types of particles.

The problem facing researchers in the past has been controlling the flow of the active ingredient from the particles – because they are porous, the ingredients leak out too quickly.

Tarsis Technology has developed a way of collapsing metal-organic frameworks (MOF) to lock an active ingredient inside the particle. There are many thousands of MOF particles, with different properties, including the rate at which they dissolve. Depending on which one is used, an active ingredient can be released over minutes, days or even months, or in response to climate or environmental changes.

Frontier IP unites science and commerce by identifying strong intellectual property and accelerating its development through a range of commercialisation services.

The Group looks to build and grow a portfolio of equity stakes and licence income from by taking an active involvement in spin-out companies, including support for fund raising and collaboration with relevant industry partners at an early stage of development.

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Frontier IP Group Plc
INTERVIEW: Frontier IP: Deal with a world leader in crop protection using Tarsis Material

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