INTERVIEW: Falanx Group Ltd CEO Explains Governments New Consultation on Security

Falanx Group Ltd (LON:FLX) CEO Stuart Bladen talks to DirectorsTalk about the government’s announced consultation on the security of network and information systems, what it’s all about, how its different from anything else, talks us through the 3 approaches, explains the need for these new measures and what it means for your typical company manager.

The summary from the Gov Uk website reads as follows – As our reliance on technology grows, the impact of failure in those systems and the opportunities for those who would seek to compromise our systems and data increase. Responding to this threat and ensuring the safety and security of cyberspace is an essential requirement for a prosperous UK economy. We need to secure our technology, data and networks in order to keep our businesses, citizens and public services protected.

The European Commission, in cooperation with Member States, have agreed a Directive with the aim of increasing the security of Network and Information Systems (NIS) within the European Union (EU). The Government supports the aims of the Directive and sets out in this consultation the proposed implementation approach in the UK.

The NIS Directive will help make sure UK operators in electricity, transport, water, energy, transport, health and digital infrastructure are prepared to deal with the increasing numbers of cyber threats. It will also cover other threats affecting IT, such as power failures, hardware failures and environmental hazards.

This consultation seeks views from industry, regulators and other interested parties on the Government’s plans to transpose the Directive into UK legislation. It sets out the Government’s proposed transposition approach and asks a series of questions on a range of detailed policy issues relating to transposition.

The consultation covers:

The essential essential services the directive needs to cover
The penalties
The competent authorities to regulate and audit specific sectors
The security measures we propose to impose
Timelines for incident reporting
How this affects Digital Service Providers

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Falanx Group Ltd
INTERVIEW: Falanx Group Ltd CEO Explains Governments New Consultation on Security

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