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Versarien PLC Q&A with CEO Neill Ricketts: Colloboration with Absolute Engineering

Versarien PLC (LON:VRS) Chief Executive Officer Neill Ricketts caught up with DirectorsTalk to discuss the graphene collaboration with Absolute Engineering


Q1: Congratulations on the MOU with Absolute Engineering, Neill how has this relationship developed?

A1: It came about because Absolute are always looking for new technology for their cutting edge products in the printing industry and came across us through a mutual contact and we started having a conversation about how we might be able to help each other so seems like a natural way forward really.


Q2: How are the products being developed by Absolute superior compared to those being developed or produced in the flexoprint market?

A2: What listeners might find interesting is the fact that the printing industry is trying to reduce the weight of all of their components, they’re quite leading edge actually in terms of using carbon fibre composite, as a result if we can reduce the weight and potentially the cost through using some of our technologies that would give them a real key advantage in that area.


Q3: How is your graphene technology aiding new developments?

A3: Well we’ve moved the technology now out of the laboratory into a production facility, we’re starting to really ramp up production and as a result of that we’re able to give customers viable quantities now to start testing which is something that hasn’t been achieved so far. As a result of that we’re seeing lots of customers coming back with really really good enquiries and collaborations just like this one.


Q4: What does this mean for Versarien then?

A4: It just further demonstrates the progress that we’re making as a company, a year ago this wouldn’t have been possible and now we’re starting to work with really really good companies to develop this technology.


Q5: Do you see the printing industry as one with a lot of opportunities for you?

A5: It caught us a bit by surprise actually, we’re not used to dealing in the printing industry but as we’ve become more involved in it we realised that it’s a really key opportunity, they’re very early adopters, there isn’t the risk involved in doing things that maybe there are in other industries, risk factors such as safety, and therefore they can adopt technology much quicker than anybody else.

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