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Transense Technologies plc

Transense Technologies plc New Translogik iTrack Contract Win in Australia

Transense Technologies plc (LON:TRT), the provider of sensor systems for the transportation and industrial markets, has today announced that its trading division, Translogik, has won another contract through its Australian partner, Brownfield Engineering & Maintenance PTY LTD.

The agreement is to supply 47 iTrack mining tyre monitoring systems for large haul trucks to the Saraji coal mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, owned by the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA). The contract includes the sale of equipment on a finance lease. In addition to the sale there will be income from service and rental for a minimum period of two years.


Graham Storey, CEO of Transense Technologies plc said “This is another significant contract win for Translogik’s iTrack system in quick succession, after other recent wins with Glencore in Australia, and BHP in Chile. The new strategy of offering a range of payment methods, including rental and finance lease, appears to have eased the barrier to large-scale adoption within the mining industry and we look forward to further agreements in due course. ”

Darryl Crowder, Managing Director of Brownfield said “The important role of tyre monitoring as part of a total safety and performance monitoring strategy within the mining sector is an increasingly major focus in Australia. We have received significant interest in the iTrack system due to its accuracy and ease of use compared to competing systems, and I am confident that this high level of enquiries will translate into further uptake.”

About Transense Technologies

Based in Oxfordshire, UK, Transense has developed patent-protected sensor systems and supporting technology for use in a variety of diverse high growth markets. Transense’s Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) wireless, battery-less, sensor systems offer significant advantages over legacy wireless sensor systems. Transense is targeting the global electrical Smart Grid applications market, the transport and mining industries, and the global torque, temperature and pressure sensing markets, via its three trading divisions, IntelliSAW, Translogik and SAWSense, respectively.


About Translogik

Translogik, a trading division of Transense Technologies plc, is a provider of innovative tyre management solutions for the OTR (Off-the-Road), commercial and passenger vehicle markets.

The product portfolio includes wireless tyre temperature & pressure monitoring systems, tread depth, pressure and temperature data collection tools for truck, bus and OTR vehicle tyre inspections, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, patches and UHF readers for tyres and general asset tracking. The Products have been designed to operate in the most hostile and demanding environments, such as mining, earth-moving and construction.


About iTrack

Translogik’s iTrack system provides a rugged and reliable solution with a range of features that allows mine operators to track their vehicle’s tyre temperature and pressure, speed, braking and location in real-time and receive early warning of potential problems or hazards.

The availability of live tyre and vehicle data allows swift remedial action to be taken, which can be the difference between safe mine operation and a major incident. By ensuring the vehicle’s tyres are operating within recommended temperature and pressure limits, iTrack brings increased levels of safety to both the vehicle drivers and the technicians that work on them. In addition, the system allows for multiple concurrent geo-fence zones to be defined to ensure that vehicles are only operating in approved areas, further increasing the safety of the mine.

From a commercial perspective, by ensuring that tyres are correctly inflated and managed, tyre life is extended, fuel economy is improved and costly down-time from repairs and intervention is reduced, improving productivity. TKPH (Ton Kilometre Per Hour) calculations using loaded/unloaded weights and real-time route cycling allows tyres to be run at higher efficiency based on their TKPH rating (based on size, construction type, rubber compound and hours usage) without overheating or causing premature deterioration.

Alarms trigger when user configurable operational threshold levels, such as tyre temperature, are exceeded, providing early warning of potential tyre or vehicle failure.

About Brownfield Engineering and Maintenance PTY LTD

Brownfield provides maintenance and operational support to major mining companies. With three facilities strategically positioned in the Bowen Basin, Hunter Valley & Perth – Australia’s premier mining locations.

Brownfield was formed with a focus on supporting the working assets of the mining sector and has been integrated into three key services offerings:

· Products: mining and associated products
· Engineering: engineering services to the mining industry
· Maintenance: mining maintenance services


About Saraji Mine

The Saraji Coal Mine is a coal mine located near Dysart in the Central Queensland region of Australia. The mine has coal reserves amounting to 648 million tonnes of coking coal, one of the largest coal reserves in the world. The mine has an annual production capacity of 5 million tonnes of coal. It is located in the Bowen Basin an area with significant coal deposits and numerous mines.

Saraji mine utilises open-cast extraction methods. It is owned by the BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA). The mine has a total of 11 coal seams.

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