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Interview: Q and A with David Archer Chief Executive Officer of Savannah Resources (LSE:SAV)

Savannah Resources plc (LSE:SAV) CEO David Archer caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their current drill program, future exploration and 2015 being their big year   Q1: We’ve spoken many time before so just wanted to catch up with what Savannah has been doing. How is the drill program going at the moment? A1: Very well actually. We’re so pleased that we’re able to get on the ground with 2 diamond rigs and that drilling started at the end of January and we now have those 2 rigs drilling away at the moment on the first of three targets that we had on at the Sarami West project. So we’re sub-targeting the discovery of volcanic massive sulphide mineralisation, high-grade copper mineralisation is the key feature that we’re looking at there.   Q2: These targets, are they of significant substantial size? For a layperson, are we looking at something which is a game-changer, or would be

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Savannah Resources (SAV): Wide Price Channel Rebound Reveals 5p Plus Target

One of the more difficult yet satisfying things to do with stocks or markets of all shapes and sizes is to call time on the end of an extended decline. The problem is actually not so much spotting a rebound in the making, but whether the bounce is of a sustained variety or merely a so called dead cat bounce.   savannah resources share priceThe clue as to the possibility of a lasting recovery for Savannah  Resources currently stems not so much from the initial rebound we are seeing from below 2p this week, but the way that the trajectory to the downside has been governed by a wide descending price channel in place since May last year. The support line projection runs to the 1.8p area at the moment, while the top of the channel is still up at 5.5p plus. This differential clearly qualifies as being a “wide” channel i

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