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Q&A with Versarien PLC CEO Neill Ricketts: Latest Trading Update

Versarien PLC (LON:VRS) Chief Executive Officer Neill Ricketts caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their latest trading update


Q1: First off, congratulations on the trading update you just put out to the market. Has this financial year been a good one for Versarien?

A1: It’s been a very challenging year, we’ve got lots of opportunities with our companies and I think, like everybody, we’ve had our struggles this year in certain areas but a lot more opportunity to outweigh that so overall I would consider this to be a good year yes.


Q2: Can you tell us a little bit more about the developments you’ve making to your core product offering?

A2: In terms of what we’ve been trying to do, we’re very much focussed on getting the news out there in terms of getting corporate deals together and this should be a very exciting time for us coming up. We’ve been out to San Francisco, we’ve had collaborations with partners including Haydale and we’ve got a bank of really good blue-chip companies across the world that are very interested in our technologies.


Q3: Can you give us some idea of the practical applications for the thermal copper heat dissipation and graphene solutions?

A3: Yes, sure Giles. The really really good thing is these technologies work really well together and what seemed like a really quite diverse strategy at the beginning is actually coming together where for instance things like set top boxes, thin LCD TV’s, they use both technologies in order to meet the consumer demands and it means that for things like LED lighting when we come and talk to customers about our one technology we can start talking about other technologies immediately.


Q4: Do you feel that Versarien Plc is well positioned to make the most of 2016 financial year?

A4: I think 2016 is going to be a very exciting year for us, having an insight into what’s going on in the company and the news that we recently put out into the market, I think we’re in a great position to really benefit from all of that hard work in 2015.

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