INTERVIEW: Falanx Group Ltd MidGuard Launched – Cost savings, latest tech and the hive mind

Falanx Group Ltd (LON:CEO) Stuart Bladen talks to DirectorsTalk about the launch of it’s new product – MidGARD. Stuart explains what the product is from both a customer and investors point of view, why companies should consider such a product, how Falanx intend on targeting new customers and the significance of today’s product launch.


MidGARD is a ‘Hive Mind’ for Security – a bot-net for the good guys.

MidGARD is designed for rapid deployment inside clients where it listens to the ever-growing data on customer networks to identify and react to threats. MidGARD identifies potential threats and highlights them to our fully manned UK Security Operations Centre (“SOC”) for ratification and triage. There are versions for both large institutions (MidGARD Enterprise) and SME (MicroSOC). Each MidGARD installation is semi-autonomous, but the real magic happens where they connect with AsGARD, a unique solution that brings all MidGARD deployments together. They form a hive mind, sharing events, learning from each other and recognising threats across many clients. The more clients, the better because when one client finds a problem, we can help everybody heal the breach. Falanx group also announced a new  exclusive Cyber Security Channel Partnership with Stone Group today.


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