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Ilika plc

Ilika Plc lead collaboration with Sharp and McLaren to create an autonomous IoT wireless sensing device – Zeus

Ilika Plc (LON:IKA) announced to the market this morning that it has been awarded £320K of a £500K Innovate UK grant to lead a collaboration with two iconic blue-chip companies to develop an autonomous energy harvesting power source, which is then used to power a wireless sensing platform. The two companies are electronics giant Sharp, who will provide the solar energy harvesting technology, and automotive legends McClaren, through its Applied Technologies division, who will provide the sensing and integration technology, and will look for initial applications in motor sport and automotive. Follow on potential markets are healthcare and wearables, as the Internet of Things (‘IoT’) explosion gathers pace. Ilika will provide its Stereax™ solid-state battery technology for the storage element of the device. The aim is to create a robust, maintenance-free, small-footprint device that can operate in demanding environments including up to 100°C. Conditions that solid-state batteries are far more able to handle than incumbent lithium ion technology.

  • Blue chip endorsement of Ilika’s technology and brand. For Ilika to be selected to lead such a high-profile development effort with Sharp and McLaren is great news for the company. It is testament to Ilika’s growing reputation and brand as a global leader in the provision of high-quality, solid-state battery technology solutions at the onset of significant market growth.
  • Solid-state battery commercialisation is on track. Over the first half of the year, Ilika management has been engaged in intensive discussions with a number of potential OEM partners for full commercialisation of its state-of-the-art solid-sate battery technology. These negotiations are maturing, and the company is confident of implementing its solid-sate battery technology licensing model.

Commenting on this grant award, Graeme Purdy, Ilika plc CEO, said: “Ilika’s Stereax technology is ideal for combining with energy harvesting technologies. Solid-state batteries are known for their low leakage currents and their ability to retain their performance over thousands of cycles. These properties make Stereax batteries the ideal technology to integrate with Sharp’s high efficiency PV panels. We expect this development programme to create significant commercial opportunities across multiple sectors.”


Dick Glover, Chief Technology Officer at McLaren Applied Technologies, said:“We are delighted McLaren Applied Technologies is part of a collaboration to create a next generation autonomous energy harvesting power source. Thanks to funding from Innovate UK, we will be developing sensors for the “Internet of Things” to improve system performance in a wide range of applications across the technology spectrum.”

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