Ferro-Alloy Resources (LON:FAR)

Ferro-Alloy Resources Ltd (LON: FAR) is developing the potentially very large Balasausqandiq vanadium deposit in Kyzylordinskaya oblast of southern Kazakhstan. The ore at this deposit is unlike that of many other primary vanadium deposits, appearing to be amenable to treatment by a much lower cost process. It is currently planned that output will be increased in two stages to reach 22,400 tonnes of vanadium pentoxide per year.

FAR is already in production processing purchased vanadium-containing secondary materials to produce vanadium in the form of ammonium metavanadate (“AMV”). FAR currently installing equipment which will enable it to increase production and convert its AMV into the more commonly traded vanadium pentoxide.

Ferro-Alloy Resources Ltd


A major new use of vanadium is now emerging as the electrolyte in VFB’s used for energy storage. Although lithium-ion batteries are better known and are more suitable for mobile applications where weight is important, VFB’s have several advantages for fixed, high capacity and long term storage, either as part of a grid or for isolated mini-grids. The main advantages are:

  • No degradation over time or after repeated charge and discharge cycles

  • Can be fully charged and fully discharged without damage

  • Capacity can be scaled independently of power by addition of larger electrolyte tanks

  • No fire hazard

  • Suitable for long discharge periods, for example, to store solar energy during the day and release over the whole evening and night

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