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ImmuPharma (LON:IMM): Solid Looking 40p – 65p Range

Immuphama plc

In some ways there is not too much charting to be done in terms of ImmuPharma plc (LON:IMM) given the way that overall since the autumn the shares have been in a range between 40p and 65p. However, there is more detail as far as the near-term price action which may help us decide regarding the timing of any fresh rebound within the post September range. Immupharma plc For instance since the end of February there has been an uptrend line in the RSI window, something which indicates bullish divergence and a near-term recovery for the shares, most likely beginning within the next couple weeks. Added to this is the way that since the middle of March we have seen decent buying volume come close to the 45p level, towards what was formerly October support. What traders would be looking for now who are technically based, would b

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Arria NLG plc Above 200 Day Moving Average Targets 55p

Arria NLG

NLG Arria Technical Analysis 300315   Arria NLG is a fascinating company both on a fundamental and technical basis, the former is said on the basis of a DirectorsTalk interview last year. As far as the charting position is concerned it can be seen that the market has taken a positive line on the stock in terms of the price action since bear trap exhaustion gap reversal from below the 20p level. The position now is that we have seen progress from within an overall rising trend channel which can be drawn on the daily chart from as long ago as October. The implication is that we should see the shares remain above the floor of this channel / 50 day moving average at 33p ahead of a new le

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Mariana Resources Above 50 Day Moving Average Targets 2.5p Plus

Mariana Resources

It has certainly been a long journey of recovery that bulls of Mariana Resources (LON:MARL) have had to go through. But at least currently it looks as though we have a credible base building process in progress, one that indicates that finally we will see at least an intermediate recovery for the shares. The best way forward here is probably to look at the trajectory of a rising trend channel from October, one which has its based towards the 1.4p level, also the zone of former February resistance. MARL Mariana Resources Technical Analysis 030215   The expectation now is that further attempts will be made to stretch up to the key 200 day moving average at

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Starcom PLC (LON:STAR) move to retest 50p.

Company Interviews


From the perspective of a technical analyst it can be said that over the near-term there have been a couple of standout features on the daily chart of Starcom PLC (LON:STAR). The first is the way that ahead of the massive spike in December the shares left unfilled gap to the upside, and the second is the way that following the spike there was such a sharp retreat. However, consolidation in recent weeks looks to have run its course in the sense that decent basing has been the result. On this basis it is possible the draw a

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Independent Resources (IRG): 6p Bull run, bullish divergence in the RSI window

Independent Resources plc


Independent Resources shares are clearly not the smoothest around in terms of the price action, something which one can gauge quite clearly from the daily chart over the past year. Indeed, even those who have been short of the stock will have had to suffer quite sharp intermediate reversals such as were seen in May and October. Therefore, it is appropriate that one is able to use “forensic” charting methods in order to identify the best entry points for trading / investing. The position currently provides a good example of this concept in the sense that we have the aftermath of a triple bottom rebound from below the 1.4p leve

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Central Rand Gold (CRND): 30p Price Channel Target

The dominant event and charting highlight of the recent past as far as Central Rand Gold on its daily chart remains the as yet unfilled gap to the upside in November, through the 50 day moving average. Such 50 day line gaps tend to be the kick starter for many a rally in small caps and beyond, and for this stock this has proven to be the case. Of course, the subsequent spike from below 10p to over 40p in a single session last November was a significant event, so significant in magnitude that the shares have been effectively consolidating ever since. The name of the game as far as technical traders now will be to ascertain exactly when this consolidation period will end, and when there will be a partial or even full retest of the best levels of last year. This is of particular importance given the way that there are some who are currently speculating that after over three years in the wilderness Gold is finally set for a lasting comeback. <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-66

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Sula Iron & Gold (SULA): 2.3p September Price Channel Target

While it can be said that 2014 was a year to forget for bulls of Sula Iron & Gold, it would appear that already for the first three months of this year we are looking at a more stable position. This is particularly from a price action perspective as the stock would appear to be bumping along the bottom of an extended and wide descending price channel, one which has been in place since the end of September. Indeed, the big plus point as far as March to date has been concerned is the way that the shares have put in a higher floor versus the initial 0.77p low of this month, something which provides a clear positive bias to the shares over the near term. This along with the latest end of day close back above the 50 day moving average at 0.98p should be enough to deliver at least an intermediate rally for Sula. <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-663729" src="http://www.directorstalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/sulajpeg.jpg" alt="Sula Iron & Gold " width="697" height="4

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Versarien 2013 Uptrend Line Rebound Expected

VRS Versarien Technical Analysis 250315   At first glance it would appear that there is not too much to shout about regarding the bull scenario at Versarien (LON:VRS). This is because the shares look as though they are continuing to wind down from the main 2014 Head & Shoulders reversal which had its top toward 35p. However, it should be noted that this formation was 10p from the neckline at 25p to the highs of last year. The implication was that on a break of 25p we had a measured move target at 15p. This zone is being approached currently and therefore it may be argued that the bulk of the move to the downside has already been completed. Another point to keep in mind is the way that there has been a return to an uptrend line from October 2

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Mercom Oil Sands Technical Target Towards 8p As Best Case Scenario

The timing as far as recovery on extended bear situations in both stocks and markets is by definition problematic even at the best of times. This is because any sustained rebound is very often preceded by several failed rally attempts, all of which at the time would appear to be credible positive reversals. We are seeing part of this issue being mapped out currently on the daily chart of Mercom Oil Sands where since the end of February there has been a based towards 4.2p accompanied by bullish divergence in the RSI window. MMO Mercom Oil Technical Analysis 250315 The problem though, which should be acknowledged is that in the recent  past there have been encouraging looking bases made, for instance in July and November, both of which came to nothing. However, on this occasion the positive RSI

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