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Arria NLG plc

Arria NLG PLC Partnership agreement with GeoCosmo Sciences SPC

Arria NLG Plc (LON:NLG), a world leader in artificial intelligence (“AI”) and natural language generation (“NLG”), and GeoCosmo Sciences SPC (“GeoCosmo”), a global project based out of NASA’s Ames Research Park in California, has today announced a partnership to build precision NLG capabilities into the GeoCosmo Earthquake Forecasting ServiceTM to improve communication and advance notification of the deadliest natural disasters.

GeoCosmo, a leader in the earthquake forecasting community, is on a mission to bring life-changing safety technology to at-risk populations. To date, GeoCosmo has forecasted 22 out of 22 3.1 magnitude and above earthquakes in their South American test area since sensors were deployed in 2012. They are currently developing forecasting services that will be able to detect major earthquakes days and weeks ahead of their occurrence. GeoCosmo’s new technology leverages semiconductor physics, satellites and big data algorithms to pick up detectable precursory signals from Earth’s tectonic plates, and identify disasters before they happen.

With Arria’s partnership, GeoCosmo will be able to bridge the data distance between semiconductor physics and plain language. Arria’s technology will be used to automate the analysis of seismic event data and report on large data sets in real time. Such reports and dynamic dashboards, in English and other languages can include status and alerts for dissemination to appropriate authorities, media and populations.

Earthquakes are the deadliest of all natural disasters – over the last 100 years, they have caused millions of deaths and cost the global economy trillions of dollars. Just this past month, over 290 people were killed in a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Italy.

Charles Gonzales, Chief Executive Officer of GeoCosmo, said: “This technology will improve the way we travel and interact with the earth. Not only will this add an incredible safety feature to society both locally and globally, it will provide time to prepare for potentially devastating seismic disasters and protect local and global communities – something we have been unable to do until now.”

Sharon Daniels, Chairman and Interim Chief Executive Officer of Arria NLG Plc, commented: “Through this relationship with GeoCosmo, Arria’s platform will soon be able to interpret complex sources of scientific data to communicate incredibly valuable information to affected communities. Arria is committed to this kind of mission-based strategic partnership that uses AI to accelerate the way we understand, interpret and share information to improve the way we live.”

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